Zongshen-Selva 30 Hp Outboard Engine on Aquacat Race Boat





Zongshen-Selva Marine is a joint-venture company of Chongqing Zongshen Industrial Group and Selva Marine Italy.  It combines Selva Marine's experience, technology, original Italian Moulds and Drawings with Zongshen's Engine manufacturing skills.


  • Optimum Performance
  • Convenient, Economical and Safe
  • Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Optimum Performance

  1. CD ignition makes starting easier and provides stronger power
  2. Unique gear-switching mechanism makes for stability
  3. Passed over 800 hours endurance intensifying experiment
  4. Dual water inlets, unique thermostat and thermal controller provide optimum cooling effect

Convenient, Economical and Safe                                                                                DOWNLOAD ZONGSHEN-SELVA MARINE CATALOGUE

  1. Split-type underwater transmission box makes maintenance much easier
  2. Propeller hub exhausting technology makes less noise
  3. The patent of air-intake system increases combusion efficiency to optimize fuel economy
  4. Over-speed limitation system and drowning-flameout device provide much safer operation

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

  1. Unique aluminium alloy and high-strength stainless steel
  2. Pre-treated painting process with high adhesion
  3. Multiple paint-coats for stronger protection
  4. Electro-chemical corrosion resistance technology
  5. High quality Rubber impeller